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FIGHT against cancer

LLife can be a roller coaster, but we can steer it well if we are ready to learn.

Cancer, a decade ago, felt like entering a long never-ending dark tunnel but now there is light at the end of the tunnel. There is progress. Research has provided us the ability to identify the risks, Prevent the occurrence, discover the problems early, and manage the disease effectively.

Cancer Screening can prevent cancer. Awareness is the key.

The availability of modernistic tests, pioneering advances in the field of imaging, State of the art surgical techniques, Targeted treatments, Immunotherapy, Advanced radiotherapy techniques combined with Skill full experts has changed the landscape of cancer management.

There should be no guilt or fear but only HOPE.

We are here the make your journey a smooth one, travelling along carrying the torch of expectations.  We will conquer cancer one day. Let’s fight it together.

Dr. Dorai Ramanathan

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Oncology Coordinator


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